NFL free agency rumor tracker: Chiefs free agents, cuts, signings, needs

NFL free agency rumor tracker: Chiefs free agents, cuts, signings, needs

The Kansas City Chiefs free agency rumors will begin today. Maybe. Starting at 11 a.m. (Arrowhead Time) on Tuesday, the Chiefs can negotiate deals with the agents for players scheduled to become free agents. They cannot, however, execute contracts before Thursday at 3 p.m., which is the official start of free agency.

We’re tracking all the Chiefs free agency rumors here. Some info below:

Chiefs cap space:$4.3 million via Over The Cap (note: this is unconfirmed)

Chiefs free agents: NT Dontari Poe, DL Kendall Reyes, OL Mike Person, DL Jarvis Jenkins, LB Josh Mauga, RB Knile Davis

Chiefs restricted free agents: WR Albert Wilson, K Cairo Santos, S Daniel Sorensen

Chiefs exclusive rights free agents: WR Kenny Cook, FB Trey Millard

Chiefs team needs: QB, RB, LB

(Click here for definitions of restricted and exclusive rights free agents …. Tl;dr: the Chiefs basically control the rights of the RFAs and ERFAs)

The Vikings would be an interesting spot because he might get a chance to play. Would you rather have Nick Foles at a cheap price or Sam Bradford for $17 million?

Yup. Old friend Scott Pioli is with the Falcons. He also signed Tyson Jackson after he left KC. The Colts are another team folks mention as well as Washington.

There goes Romo. Houston and Denver appear to be the two options. Denver has the cap space while Houston has an $18 million quarterback. Houston is closer to his family though. Hmm.

And he stays. Good call. I’m not sure what else they would’ve done.

I point this out for the absurdity of contracts this year. There is so much free agent money available.

He’ll make $1.8 million next year.

That will be roughly $2.7 million. He will be safe at the second round level. A sign the Chiefs like him.

Jason Cole reported earlier that Poe might take a one-year deal and try again in 2018 because his market wasn’t what they thought. Or he could be going to Washington, the most dysfunctional team in the league.

Whoa, Brandon Marshall to the Giants. He just left the Jets. Him and Odell Beckham? Oh my …

Maybe the Chiefs will be in the market for a new tight end.

The 49ers cut him. The Chiefs were reportedly interested in him back in 2014. No idea if there’s still interest. He’s 32 years old.

Hmm. Adrian Peterson is slowing down for sure but I’m not sure I would like to see him behind that Oakland offensive line. The Raiders make sense if they’re going to lose Latavius Murray in free agency.

There were reports that Tony Romo was in Denver last night but I’m not sure those were accurate. He’s still under contract with the Cowboys. It does appear that a.) Romo will leave Dallas and b) Denver is a potential landing spot.

Well, this is interesting. The idea I guess is that he wants to have more pass rush stats because those guys get paid more. We’ll see how this works out. It was reported but not confirmed by Poe’s camp that they were looking for $10 million per year.

This AJ Bouye, a Texans cornerback, is going to strike it rich. He was an undrafted guy and wasn’t a starter until this year yet he’s going to get a whole bunch of money. Life is amazing.

Old friend alert. The Chiefs drafted Kendrick Lewis in 2010.

This says Poe is looking for $10 million per year which sounds about right for the market. That might be a little rich for the Chiefs blood.

No brainer here. Sorensen, Cairo Santos and Albert Wilson are all restricted free agents. The Chiefs should tender them at the low level for $1.8 million and bring them all back. We’ll see at which level they tender them but I am guessing the low level.

Old friend alert. He’s 5’9 which is small for the type of corner the Chiefs like so I wouldn’t expect him back here. I hope he lands somewhere good though. I always liked Brandon Flowers. I wish more corners tackled like him.

Good note here for if / when Jamaal Charles signs someplace. It likely won’t come out of the blue and it may not come right away. He could sign someplace else later this offseason.

Good news for the Chiefs pass rushers … or maybe this is actually bad news.

Watch what Calais Campbell gets. He should get more than Poe. I saw a prediction of four years, $52 million for him.

The Texans are an interesting possibility if Vince Wilfork retires. If he doesn’t, I’m not sure that he does. Houston also already spends a ton on their front seven.

Rember him?

There are reportedly five teams interested in him, including the Steelers … which surely can’t be true. That’s gotta be someone putting the Steelers name in there to get some attention. They’re going to pay Antonio Brown and two weeks later pay a No. 2 over $10 million? I doubt it. Also, the Browns have over $100 million in cap space. Why in the hell didn’t they tag Pryor?

Hey there, look at Steve Smith, the NFL Insider. The former Ravens WR retired this year. He’s going to be great on TV. About the other Smith, Torrey, his specialty is vertical routes … which is not the Chiefs specialty.

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